Top Ten Young Imagineers Announced

27 October 2017

Top Ten Young Imagineers Announced

In September Statoil and the Science Museum asked children across the UK to submit their most creative, imaginative and inspirational ideas to help make the world a better place. From prosthetic legs for slugs and cookies that make people fall in love with you, to devices that find lost dogs and robots that help the elderly, there were hundreds of fantastic entries to the Young Imagineers competition.

The shortlisted ten will now work with our designers to bring their ideas to life, and then present them to our expert panel and a live audience on 18th November. This exclusive, fun-packed day of entertainment will be held at the Science Museum in central London.

The expert panel of Jill Tully, Steph McGovern, Lopa Patel and Greg Foot will then choose the winner of the 2017 Young Imagineers awards. The winning design will be brought to life and put on display outside Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery at the Science Museum, from February 2018!

Following two long days of careful deliberation, we’re delighted to publicly announce our ten finalists:

Starfish Sandbot – Dorothy, 7

Dorothy wants to make the world a better place by cleaning up our beaches! Her Starfish Sandbot is powered by bicycles on the beach, and then clears all the rubbish on and in the sea.

Hover Wheelchair – Finlay, 10

Finlay’s hover wheelchair will make the world a better place for wheelchair users as they’ll be able to get upstairs, onto trains and buses without needed to ask for help.  

Flying Suit – Darshini, 9

Darshini’s flying suit is eco-friendly and will mean that there is no need for cars or planes – resulting in less traffic and air pollution.

Doctor of Giggles – Ben, 8

Doctor of Giggles (DOG) is a robot that Ben has designed to help cheer up children who are in hospital. DOG will make sure they’re always laughing, and not worrying about upcoming procedures.

Scaredy Sheep – Sarah, 10

Sarah identified that local farmers are having problems with sheep that fall on their backs and then can’t get back up. She has invented the Scaredy Sheep to get them back on their feet, keeping them safe and sound.

Dream Maker – Izzy, 10

Wouldn’t it be great if we could control our dreams and avoid nightmares? Izzy has invented just the machine to help us!

Dolphin Warner – Grace, 10

Grace was worried about the decreasing dolphin population and wanted to ensure that the sea was a safe place for them. She has invented the dolphin warner which will make a noise when they approach nets.  

Translator for Deaf – Jonathan, 11

The Translator for Deaf (TD) helps deaf people have a conversation with people who don’t know sign language, making the world a better place through easier communication.

Sound Converter – Lily, 11

Lily has thought of a way that festivals, loud roads and football matches could all make electricity! Through harnessing the vibrations in sound, could this be the next big renewable energy?

Walking Sleeping Bag – Saffron, 8

Saffron’s walking sleeping bag for the homeless will ensure that they always have somewhere warm, dry and comfortable to sleep. 

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered. We received a huge number of amazing entries but in the end could only choose ten.

Congratulations to our top ten! 

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