Calling all Young Imagineers!

7 September 2017

Group relations

Building on the success of Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery, today Statoil and the Science Museum announce their partnership to engage the UK’s youngest and most curious minds in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The initiative will see them work with a panel of well-known STEM specialists, to launch a nationwide competition in search of Britain’s most imaginative and creative young people.

Entitled “Young Imagineers, presented by Statoil”, the competition will see panellists Steph McGovern, Jill Tully, Lopa Patel and Greg Foot invite young people aged 7-14 years old to design the future: What invention would you create to make tomorrow’s world a better place? Whether it’s a teleportation device, homework-robot or biscuit that could withstand even the most enthusiastic of dunking, this is an opportunity for young STEM brains to infiltrate the hallowed halls of the Science Museum, and to see their designs sit alongside some of the world’s most famous inventions, objects and discoveries. 

The ten most creative, imaginative and inspirational entries will be shortlisted. These entrants will be given the chance to further develop their invention with the help of a professional designer. The shortlisted ten will then be invited to show off their newly developed designs with our expert panel and live audience – during an exclusive, fun-packed day of entertainment at the Science Museum in central London on 18 November.

Jill Tully, Investment Manager at Statoil Energy Ventures, states: “I think it’s crucial for children to get involved with STEM from an early age – and I hope that the Young Imagineers competition gets them thinking about the positive impact that they can have on the future. Statoil is committed to shaping the future of energy and developing the next generation of STEM experts is key to that aim.”

BBC Broadcaster Steph McGovern, says: “I can’t wait to see what the entrants have come up with. Children have the most amazing imaginations, and this is a great opportunity for them to see their ideas come to life.” Aged just 19 when she was awarded 'Young Engineer for Britain', after saving Black & Decker £150,000 a year by improving production techniques used for its Leaf Hog product – McGovern knows a little something about coming up with ideas that improve the future.

At the end of the panel day in November, the panellists will choose one overall winner, who will have their invention created and displayed for a minimum of one month outside Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery, at the Science Museum, where it will be seen by thousands of museum visitors every week. The winner will also be awarded an honorary position as Children’s Inspiration Officer at the museum for a day – where they will enjoy an exclusive tour of the museum with a friend, lunch with some of the museum’s enthusiastic Explainers and a host of Science Museum goodies to take home. All runners up will receive an annual pass to Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery at the Science Museum in London and a range of Wonderlab goodies.

Lopa Patel, Digital Media Entrepreneur, says: “As a Technology Ambassador for STEMNET, I have a lifelong passion for encouraging children to become more engaged with science and technology. Here we have a real chance for children to be inspired and enthused by engineering and entrepreneurship.” 

Science presenter Greg Foot, adds: “I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries. Many of the things that have changed our lives have begun as a wild idea in an inventor’s head. It’s really exciting to think that the ideas here could make a difference one day.”

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths permeate every part of our lives. Through this competition, Statoil aims to encourage the creators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to think outside the box, and come up with something truly unique that will either tackle a modern day challenge or even solve a simple problem like losing biscuits in tea! This forward looking mind-set is something that Statoil also implements in its own operations, with the company investing in a secure and sustainable energy future for the UK. In 2016 Statoil invested a total of £1 billion in a broad range of energy solutions. This year, Hywind, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Scotland, will open. This pioneering event marks a new chapter for Statoil in the UK.  

Entrants have from 11 September to 6 October 2017 to get their thinking caps on, pencils out and ideas on paper. They will need to submit a simple sketch and a maximum of 100 words to go with it.

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