Fun at the Wonderlab

Equinor’s sponsorship of Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery is intended to build on children’s natural curiosity in STEM to ensure long lasting engagement. Equinor believes innovation is the key to unlocking the door of future value creation. 

The solutions of tomorrow need the heroes of tomorrow. Equinor’s long-established Heroes of Tomorrow sponsorship programme aims to inspire young people to engage in fun, relevant and rewarding science experiences and the Wonderlab partnership is the most recent iterations of this programme. 

Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery is an experience unlike any other. 

With over 50 mind-blowing exhibits, explosive demonstrations and immersive experiences, the Science Museum’s interactive gallery invites visitors to think like scientists. Equinor’s sponsorship of Wonderlab aims to inspire young people to engage in fun, relevant and rewarding science experiences. 

Revealing the beauty of the science and maths that shape our everyday lives, Wonderlab will ignite your curiosity, fuel your imagination and inspire you to see the world around you in new and exciting ways.  You can order live experiments at the Chemistry Bar, see lightning strike before your eyes, play with forces on giant slides, travel through space under a canopy of stars or take part in explosive science demonstrations, led by their talented team of Explainers. 

To plan your visit, head to sciencemuseum.org.uk/Wonderlab

“If Stephen Hawking and Willy Wonka designed the ultimate science playground then it might go a little like this” – Time Out

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